Cuban Wedding Customs

There are many different customs that people have for getting married and starting a new existence jointly. Each you have a specific technique of deciding who all to marry and how to perform a wedding party. In Cuba, there are numerous of traditions that are different to this Latina American nation.

Usually, Cuban brides to be wear white-colored gowns to denote purity. These are generally often manufactured with sumptuous fabrics like satin, and they are dazzling with hand made lace.

Beyond the dress, Cubans also have a tradition for giving the groom 13 coins called an arras. The money are a symbol of Christ’s doze apostles and represent the promise within the groom to supply for the bride financially.

The bride also wears a white veil to represent purity. She’s then strolled down the interchange by her father and uncle.

After the ceremony is over, the bride and groom take their very own vows looking at family and friends. They then light a unity candle that is a symbol of their new union seeing that husband and wife.

Following your ceremony, the newlyweds are then asked to a reception. This is a fantastic opportunity for the couple to fulfill their guests, share meals, and party to classic Cuban music.

No Cuban wedding is usually complete without a banquet of delightful food. Usually, guests will relish roast pork or perhaps chicken seeing that the main training, with grain and beans served because side meals. Just for dessert, a variety of options which includes lovely plantains and yuca fritters.

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